Darke County Parks & Nature Preserves

The following list of parks and preserves includes those managed by federal, state, county, and non-governmental agencies (such as the National Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy, various historical societies, etc.).

We have tried to collect information on the activities and facilities available at various parks, but things may change without us knowing about it. So please double-check the information at the official site (click on the park’s name to go there).

Alice Bish Park (County)
  • Intersection of Eastwood Drive and North Ohio Street, Greenville, Ohio
  • GPS coordinates: N40.104041,W84.617879
  • Trail map
  • Park size: About 5 acres
  • There are two trails in the park: an asphalt multi-use trail and a nature trail. The site includes a launch for canoes and kayaks.
  • Location on Google Maps
Coppess Nature Sanctuary (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.215566,W84.727727
  • Location: 10267 Young Rd., Union City, Ohio 45390
  • Trail map
  • Park size: 32 acres
  • Total trail length: 0.75 mile loop trail
  • This wooded park features an Oak-Hickory forest containing over 38 species of woody plants. Several White Oak trees have a diameter exceeding 40 inches.
  • Location on Google Maps
Darke Wildlife Area (State Wildlife Area)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.114643,W84.528894
  • Location: This wildlife area is in east central Darke County, six miles east of Greenville on the north side of U.S. Route 36.
  • Park size: 316 acres
  • Fishing (check the official site to see if there are any restrictions)
  • Hunting when in season with license. Please visit park web site for details.
  • This wildlife area consists of three separate tracts of land, each with its own parking. The Boton Run River passes through each of the tracts. The area contains grain crops, meadows, brushy areas and some woodlands. The wildlife areas contains 7 fishing ponds ranging in size from 1.5 to 4.6 acres; the ponds have been stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and crappies. The Bolton Run contains smallmouth bass and rock bass.
  • Wildlife Area Map for Darke Wildlife Area
  • Location on Google Maps
Drew Woods (State Nature Preserve)
  • Zumbrum Rd., Brown Twp, OH 43072
  • GPS coordinates: N40.243217, W84.655633
  • Location: Located in Darke County north of Ansonia, follow State Rte 118 north. Proceed west on Brown Rd, then north on Michael Rd and west on Zumbrum Rd.
Eidson Woods Preserve (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.106207,W84.743916
  • Location: The preserve is west of Greenville near the intersection of OH-502W and Paletstine-Union City Road. It is across the road from Sharpeye Cemetery.
  • Trail map
  • Park size: 70 acres
  • Total trail length: 1.25 miles
  • Predominantly maturing woodlands, including a button-bush swamp and vernal pools. A large variety of woodland flowers can be seen in the spring. Wood frogs and other amphibians are attracted to the vernal pools. Kraut Creek passes through the prserve.
  • Location on Google Maps
Prairie Ridge Park (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.104439,W84.635338
  • Location: Based on Google Maps, it looks like there is an access point near 101-103 N Broadway St, Greenville, Ohio
  • Trail map
  • The park celebrates the signing of the treaty which brought peace between the Shawnee people and Ohio settlers. There is a recreated Native American Peace Council House across from the Garst Museum. The oaks surrounding the lower meadow are over 200 years old, so they were present during the historic signing of the treaty. The hillside has been seeded with 100 varieties of grasses and wildflowers that are native to Darke County and which are recreating a prairie from this area.
Routzong Preserve (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.074363,W84.527722
  • Location: The trail map includes a map showing how to get there and where to park. The parking lot is off Routzong Rd. (also known as Township Highway 117). At the intersection of Ohio State Route 571 and Routzong Road (just outside of Greenville, Ohio) head north. The parking lot will be on your left. There is a longish access route between farm fields that leads from the parking lot to the main body of the preserve.
  • Trail map
  • Park size: 55 acres
  • Total trail length: More than 1.5 miles of trail
  • The Trees for Tomorrow Memorial Trail is located in this park. In the spring there is an outstanding variety of wildflowers representative of those that would have been present before settlers arrived. Gently rolling hills underlie the woodlands with wetlands appearing in the low areas.
  • Location on Google Maps
Shawnee Prairie Preserve (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.102194,W84.646461
  • Location: From the intersection of Greenville-Bakers Store Road and Winchester Avenue (outside of Greenville, Ohio), go east on Winchester Avenue. The driveway to the parking lot will be on your right before reaching town. There is a map showing the park’s location on the trail map.
  • Trail map
  • Park size: 118 acres
  • Total trail length: 2.25 miles
  • Restrooms
  • This 118 acre park is currently Darke County’s largest park. The park description says there are observation towers along this pathway. There is a nature center at the park that operates Monday through Saturday, 9 to 5. There are restrooms and water fountains within the nature center, so access depends on being at the preserve while the nature center is open.
  • At least some part of the park was the site of Prophetstown, the Shawnee village founded by Tecumseh’s brother, the Prophet.
  • Location on Google Maps
Tecumseh Point (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.106823,W84.635271
  • Location: The trail map includes a map showing the park’s location. It appears to have multiple parking lots, one being off North Broadway just north of Greenville Creek; another parking lot is off Wilson Drive. From the intersection of Wilson Drive and North Broadway St., go east on Wilson Drive, and the parking lot will be your first driveway on your right.
  • Trail map
  • A walk down the paved trail leads to the point where Mud Creek and Greenville Creek join. It was at this point that Tecumseh peacefully protested the Treaty of Greene Ville by burning fires from 1805-1808.
  • Location on Google Maps
Tecumseh Trail (Bike Path)
  • Connects Darke County with the other Miami Valley Bike Pathways.
  • Location on Google Maps
Turkeyfoot Preserve (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.074911,W84.652448
  • Location: Turkeyfoot Preserve is southwest of Greenville, Ohio. From the intersection of Ohio State Route 121 and Bishop Road, go west on Bishop Road. The parking lot will be on your right. Google suggests that the approximate address is 3986 Bishop Rd., Greenville, Ohio.
  • Trail map
  • Park size: 60 acres
  • Good site for bird watching
  • The trail follows an old railway bed, then veers off into the preserve which consists of wetland and prairie.
  • Location on Google Maps
Winterrowd Wetlands (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.220171,W84.679144
  • Location: Using Google Maps, it looks like the parking lot address is approximately 3303 Ohio State Route 47, Ansonia, Ohio. But also check out the park’s location on the trail map.
  • Trail map
  • Park size: 60 acres
  • Total trail length: 0.25 mile
  • Good site for bird watching
  • Short trail leads from the parking lot to an observation deck overlooking wetland.
  • Location on Google Maps
Worth Family Preserve (County)
  • GPS coordinates: N40.14441,W84.788538
  • Location: The entrance to the parking lot is off Spring Hill Rd. (County Hwy 91), Union City, Ohio. It is about midway between the intersection of Spring Hill Rd. and Wasson Rd. to the north and the intersection of Spring Hill Rd. and Wagner Rd. to the south.
  • Trail map
  • Total trail length: 1.2 miles
  • The trail passes through prairie and a 35 year old pine plantation. The trail passes through the flood plain of Greenville Creek.
  • Location on Google Maps

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