Fayette County Parks & Nature Preserves

The following list of parks and preserves includes those managed by federal, state, county, and non-governmental agencies (such as the National Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy, various historical societies, etc.).

We have tried to collect information on the activities and facilities available at various parks, but things may change without us knowing about it. So please double-check the information at the official site (click on the park’s name to go there).

Deer Creek Wildlife Area (State Wildlife Area)
  • Location: It can be reached from the east and west by U.S. Route 22 and State Route 56, and from the north and south by U.S. Route 62 and State Routes 3, 104, and 207.
  • Park size: 8,662 acres
  • Fishing (check the official site to see if there are any restrictions)
  • Archery range
  • Firearms range
  • Hunting when in season with license. Please visit park web site for details.
  • Good site for bird watching
  • Restrooms (Latrines)
  • APV riding area
  • Wildlife Area Map for Deer Creek Wildlife Area
Tri-County Triangle Trail (Bike Path)
  • Trail map
  • Total trail length: 32 miles
  • Dog friendly
  • Restrooms

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