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Salt Fork’s Stone House Museum

The Stone House Museum is located in Salt Fork State Park in southeastern Ohio. It was built circa 1840 in the Federal style, and it housed three generations of Benjamin Kennedy's family. In 1975 it was listed on the National Register of Historical Places, and in 1999 a charitable organization was launched to raise funds and to oversee the house's restoration. In 2003 the stone house was officially dedicated as a museum. The Kennedys With the intention of becoming a sheep farmer, Read more ➜
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Hopewell Culture National Historical Park: Native American Artifacts housed in the Museum

The "Hopewell Culture" refers to a Native American civilization that was centered in Ohio. It flourished here between 200 B.C. and 500 A.D. They are renowned for having built elaborate, huge, earthen structures. However when these mounds were excavated, many artifacts of great artistry were discovered. I would like to share photos of a few of these artifacts, or in some case, replicas of these artifacts. All of them were uncovered at "Mound City" which is where the Hopewell Culture National Historical Read more ➜