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Cardinal eating poison ivy berries

In an earlier post on poison ivy, we noted that birds are untroubled by poison ivy. In fact the vine's berries are an important food source during the cold, winter months. According to an article by Penn State University (linked at the end of this post), over 60 species of bird have been observed eating poison ivy berries. While out for a walk I recently noticed a northern cardinal feasting on them. I'm seeing a lot of poison ivy berries this time of year. You might not recognize Read more ➜
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Poison Ivy & Poison Sumac

If you hike in Ohio, sooner or later you'll run into poison ivy or poison sumac. Probably sooner than later. They produce an irritating resin called urushiol that can produce a strong allergic reaction on contact in most people. The resin is found in all portions of the plant. Merely touching the plant can result in a rash and blisters within a few days. Poison Ivy Poison ivy (toxicodendron radicans) is often found in wooded areas as either a ground cover or as a climbing vine clinging Read more ➜