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Our dog, Penny

Our dog, Penny, died about a week ago. She was diagnosed as having bone cancer last winter. Other than limping, Penny remained remarkably stable in the ensuing months and continued to enjoy life and the company of her family. Despite having been with her when she died, we still expect to see her at every turn, and we miss her very much. Besides being adorable and adoring us, she accompanied us on numerous outdoor adventures, including backpacking, camping and hiking. We’d like to share a few photos of her here.

Penny backpacking with us at Tar Hollow

What are we going to do now?
Going on an adventure
Hiking with Dee and Bob
Exploring Cantwell Cliffs with Dee and Deb
Checking out Rockhouse with Dee
Resting in tent
Penny waiting to be adopted

Penny was a mixed-breed dog whom we adopted from the Knox County Animal Shelter about nine and a half years ago. I realize some prospective dog owners are looking for characteristics that are dependably found in specific pure breeds. However if you’re primarily looking for a canine companion or family pet, we heartily encourage you to consider adopting a dog from the pound or from a humane center. Our little pound puppy enriched all of our lives.

And I’ll close out with this little video. It’s a mix of still shots and video celebrating her life.

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10 thoughts on “Our dog, Penny

    1. I’m sorry that I made you cry. 🙁 I hate going to movies where they feature a dog because it seems like they always kill it off and then I cry like a baby.

      I think Penny had a good and happy life. I’m glad that she was a part of our family.

  1. I feel so sorry also for your loss. Penny was looking so sweet and lovely. I watched the video of course; great video. I understand very well Your sorrow. I have had a dog when I was young boy and when it died my sorrow was big. I have a couple of photos from it in my about me page.

  2. Oh, Deb, I’m just now seeing this…I’m so sorry! I can see how much Penny was loved, and she obviously had a wonderful and happy life with you and your family. I love my dog, Bella, so much…I can only imagine how sad it must be for you to have lost your good friend. Thank you for sharing the photos and video. Your love for Penny is wonderful to see, but still makes me feel sad for you. I know you’ll cherish the memories forever.

  3. So sorry for your loss. Yes they enhance our life so beautifully!! Pray for her soul, at least she was with such wonderful people who she loved and who loved her.

    1. Thank you, Ritu. Penny took such pleasure in the little things that we did together, even walking around the neighborhood. I’m so glad that she was a part of our family for her time here.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous and bright little soul… I’m so very sorry — words cannot express, I fully realize. From a caged shelter to adventures in Nature’s loveliest places, with her favorite people — what a wonderful life. ♥

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