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When birds watch you back

Isn’t this little guy charming?

We have bird feeders in our backyard. I like to sit in our breakfast nook reading or working on the computer. Then from time to time I’ll lift my head to see what birds are out there now. The feeders are located far enough away from our house to make it unlikely that a bird will strike our windows. But that means that I sometimes resort to using binoculars if I want to get a good look at a particular bird.

Goldfinches dining at our bird feeders

My bird watching got a little easier when the goldfinch in the topmost photo flew to the shrub right outside my breakfast nook window and decided to peer in at me. He perched there for quite a while turning his head back and forth as he looked into the window. I’m not sure what his motivation was, but it was quite a treat for me. 🙂

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