Regional Guide to Parks

TrekOhio’s Regional Guide to Parks lists over 920 outdoor destinations in Ohio. These destinations include parks, nature preserves and trails that are managed by various branches of government and by non-governmental agencies. Information is provided on each of Ohio’s 88 counties. The links to each county’s web page are organized both alphabetically and by region. You can also access this information through our menu (on the desktop, this is at the top of the page; on a mobile device, there is a “hamburger” icon to the top, right that opens the menu when you touch it).

County Information Organized by Region

The maps below lays out the regions and their counties.

County Information Organized Alphabetically

Navigational Shortcuts

If you go to your browser’s address bar and type the name of an Ohio county after our domain name, you can go directly to that county’s information page as shown below:

Similarly by typing the abbreviation for one of Ohio’s five regions after our domain name, you can go to a page that provides an overview of that region. Check out the examples that follow:

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