Paulding County Parks & Nature Preserves

The following list of parks and preserves includes those managed by federal, state, county, and non-governmental agencies (such as the National Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy, various historical societies, etc.).

We have tried to collect information on the activities and facilities available at various parks, but things may change without us knowing about it. So please double-check the information at the official site (click on the park’s name to go there).

Forrest Woods Nature Preserve (Black Swamp Conservancy (NGO))
  • GPS coordinates: N41.23056,W84.65667
  • Location: See above link for driving directions and maps.
  • Park size: 264 acres
  • Permit required
  • Good site for bird watching

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2 thoughts on “Paulding County Parks & Nature Preserves”

  1. Amy Miller says:

    I live in Antwerp. while weeding the garden tonight we found a bright green frog with a bright blue streak down its back. could not catch it but wondering of its toxic or not

    1. Deb Platt says:

      Toads release a toxin from the glands behind their eyes when seized, but frogs don’t

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