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Back from vacation

Bob and I just got back yesterday from a hiking vacation in southern Ohio. We were gone for a little over a week, and we took a zillion photos. No doubt a few of them will end up here. But for now I want to share a little video that I filmed while Bob was driving between Fort Hill and the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. It’s just a look at the countryside in rural Ross County that seemed so pretty and peaceful.

Direct link to video:

While we were vacationing our destinations included:

  • Sells Park,
  • Boord State Nature Preserve,
  • Wayne National Forest,
  • Moonville Tunnel,
  • Big Rock Trails,
  • Shawnee State Forest,
  • Serpent Mound,
  • Fort Hill, and
  • Highlands Nature Sanctuary.

As the remnants of hurricane Isaac made their way into the Ohio Valley the humidity hovered near 100%, so the hiking conditions were less than ideal. But things pretty much worked out anyway. I hope everyone here had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and I look forward to catching up on some of my fellow bloggers’ posts.

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      1. Hee hee!! Once you realize they want to be as far away from you, as you from them — it’s good. And once you know the mating season, of course. As I said to another northern naturalist: you have BEARS!!

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