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Can you spot the crab spider?

There’s a crab spider lurking in the cluster of flowers pictured above. Crab spiders pretend to be part of a flower, and when an unsuspecting insect arrives to sample the flower’s nectar, he’ll pounce on it and have it for lunch. If you’ve spotted him (or given up trying), click the “Continue reading” link to see him plainly.

Try to spot the hidden crab spider

Here is the same flower cluster as seen from the other side.

He’s turned his body sideways so he can hold a couple of his legs straight up. He ‘s trying to pretend that his legs are stem-like structures. Now that I’ve had a chance to see him plainly in the second photo, if I go back to the first photo, I can now make out two of this legs: One is being held straight up above the flower, and the other is inside the mass of flowers just a bit off-center (a bit to the right and a bit lower).

While going through photos for my September Wildflowers post, I noticed another a different crab spider hiding the mass of White Heath Asters below. Can you make him out?

What?!? You mean there’s another one?

Now that I’m aware of these spiders, I’d probably think twice before taking time to stop and smell the wildflowers.

I’ve done a couple previous articles on these amazing little predators. If you’d like to check one of them out, click on one of the photos below.

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