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Northeast Ohio Fall Foliage

It was sunny, cool day today… perfect weather for seeing the fall colors! We visited two state parks in northeast Ohio: Mohican and Malabar Farm. At Mohican we climbed the very tall fire tower, visited the Gorge Overlook and drove to Pleasant Hill Dam. I think that the Pleasant Hill Dam was my favorite spot at Mohican. The biggest problem with the Gorge Overlook is that there are a lot of conifer trees on the opposite side of the gorge, so it’s not as colorful as some other spots.

View from the Fire Tower at Mohican State Park

We then headed over to Malabar Farms, stopping for lunch at the Malabar Farm Restaurant (delicious!). After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon on the grounds of Malabar Farm. The highlight of our day was checking out Mt Jeez Overlook at Malabar Farm. It’s called that because people supposedly said, “Jeez…” in admiration of the view there. It was certainly beautiful today. We finished up by going on a tractor guided tour of the farm; our wagon was filled with people of all ages. The price of admission was a mere two dollars a piece. All in all it was just a great day. Although the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has been saying we haven’t reached peaked color yet, the leader of our tour said he disagrees. Right now the color is just about perfect for this region of Ohio.

Fire Tower at Mohican
View from dam at Mohican State Park.
View from dam at Mohican State Park.
View from Mt. Jeez at Malabar Farms.
Horseback riders at Malabar Farms.
View from Mt. Jeez at Malabar Farms.
View from Mt. Jeez at Malabar Farms.
View from Mt. Jeez at Malabar Farms.

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8 thoughts on “Northeast Ohio Fall Foliage

  1. hi there, your pictures are lovely. were they taken in the 2012 fall season. interested in going to mohican for the weekend of october 20. do you believe that we will have missed the fall foliage colors at this time. just your advice would be thankful.

  2. I have two pairs of hiking boots – one pair is ancient and I use them if I’m expecting a lot of mud. The other pair is a set of somewhat older work boots that were ‘demoted’ for hiking. They are made by ‘ECCO’, are ankle-high and VERY comfortable. Both have been sprayed with a water-proofing compound.

  3. Hi Deb & Bob, I’ve been swamped with ‘life’ and just got to catch up on your blog’s past month. What beautiful photos of Ohio that you’ve shared, I enjoyed hiking along with you, so easy here in my chair with my slippers, lol. But seriously, could you give some tips on buying hiking boots please? Hubby and I want to purchase decent ones and there’s so many to chose from. What brand do you recommend? Thanks and continued happy hiking!

    1. Donna, I’m glad to hear that things have finally been settling down a little for you.

      Last winter I bought two pairs of hiking boots. The first pair was manufactured by Timberlake. It was guaranteed to be waterproof (it had a GoreTex liner). It turned out that it leaked badly! I didn’t even have to sink in above my soles. If the ground was wet, something about the sole let water wick in right through the bottom. I hadn’t kept my receipt, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the guarantee. 🙁

      The second pair have been great. They were manufactured by Merrell (here’s a link to the model I’m wearing at Amazon). I have walked through low creeks like the one shown in the Moonville Tunnel post, and they’ve kept my feet dry. I’m really happy with them.

      I’ll ask Bob to post something about his hiking boot experience as to men’s boots.

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