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Central Ohio Fall Foliage

I struck gold in central Ohio! Although many trees have completely dropped their leaves, there are still large swaths of forest that are decked out in yellow. I stopped by two parks this week. On Thursday I visited the Sharon Woods Metro Park (part of the Columbus/Franklin County Metro Park system), and on Saturday I went for a walk in Char-Mar Ridge (part of Delaware County’s Preservation Park System).

Sharon Woods
Yellow brick road

Looking up at Pawpaw leaves
Golden forest interior on Spring Creek Trail
More yellow leaves above — not sure which species this is.
An immense field of goldenrod; a significant portion has already gone to seed.
Looking up at the orange and yellow tree tops.
Char-Mar Ridge
There was still a lot of yellow at Char Mar Ridge.
View of the pond from the blind.
Golden colors everywhere.
There were sections of the forest where most of the trees had dropped all their leaves.
More yellow…

Although fall color in Central Ohio is past its peak, for a short while longer you can still see pockets of color like those pictured above. Enjoy it while you can!

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7 thoughts on “Central Ohio Fall Foliage

  1. Thanks, Roberta. I was thinking that my unidentified tree with the yellow leaves might be an American Beech, but maybe you’re right, and it’s a linden tree. If I had only taken a photo that showed the tree’s trunk, I’d have been able to sort it out.

    Most winters in central Ohio haven’t been too bad, especially if I compare our weather with northern Ohio and their lake-effect snows. I really enjoy the change of seasons here. But it could be as I grow older the snow and ice of winter will seem more troublesome.

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