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A.W. Marion State Park in Autumn

A.W. Marion State Park is a 309-acre park in Pickaway County that I described after a previous hike in the spring (see here for description and photos). On October 29th we returned to the park to hike the Hargus Lake Perimeter Trail. We thought that peak fall color had probably passed, but when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised at how colorful the park was. As it turns out there are many maple trees in the park, and many of these were a brilliant red. We made a GPS trace of our hike. Read more ➜
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Fort Hill: Fall Foliage and Hot Pretzels

Fort Hill is one of our favorite places to hike. It is a preserve in Highland County that we've discussed previously. Besides enjoying the fall foliage there in late October, we also visited nearby Seip Mound and an Amish bakery, too. Fort Hill Fort Hill has 11 miles of trails through forested hills. It features ancient Native American earthworks, a gorge valley, dramatic cliffs. and several natural arches. The Buckeye Trail winds through the site then continues into Pike State Forest. Read more ➜
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Fort Hill in Autumn

Fort Hill is one of our favorite places to visit. It has great hiking as well as many interesting geological, archaeological, and botanical features. It's a bit of a drive from central Ohio, or we'd visit much more often. We visited Fort Hill twice this fall. Our most recent trip is documented in our post: "Fort Hill: Canby’s Mountain Lover Trail and Keyhole Arch". We also visited two weeks earlier when fall foliage was near it's peak. This post focuses mostly on our earlier trip. We started Read more ➜
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Early Autumn in Conkle’s Hollow

A couple of weeks ago we visited Conkle's Hollow State Nature Preserve to view fall foliage. It was a pleasant sunny day and fall color was in its early stages. The preserve parking lot was packed to overflowing. We hiked the 2.5 mile rim trail. Its a big preserve so once we got started it wasn't particularly crowded. Conkle's Hollow is a nice spot for viewing fall color and the area should now be at or near peak. Additional information TrekOhio: Conkle's Hollow TrekOhio: Read more ➜
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Ohio’s Scenic Overlooks

Have you enjoyed the thrill of standing in a high place surveying the landscape far below? It's a bit of a challenge to find such places in a natural setting in Ohio, but not impossible. Below is a list of scenic overlooks or vistas that Deb and I have enjoyed along with links to their location and some notes. Its not possible to simply look at a topographic map and find good scenic overlooks. As Ohio doesn't have mountains, a hilltop may potentially offer a vista but be so heavily forested Read more ➜
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Great Seal State Park

The weekend before last Bob and I paid a visit to Great Seal State Park in Ross County, Ohio. This 1862-acre park features 5 miles of nature trail plus an additional 17 miles of multi-use trails that may be used for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. The central feature of the park is a line of hills that are depicted on the Great Seal of Ohio. The Great Seal Of Ohio Just like the United States has a great seal (pictured here), all of the individual states have their Read more ➜
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Autumn Visit to Char-Mar Ridge Preserve

Sunday we visited Char-Mar Ridge Preserve in Delaware County to enjoy the cool autumn weather and the last of the fall color. So without further ado, here are our pictures of Char-Mar Ridge. Additional information TrekOhio: Char -Mar Ridge Preserve — Our original article on Char-Mar Ridge. It includes information on the park's location. TrekOhio: Delaware County Parks & Nature Preserves Read more ➜
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Autumn Visit to Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve

One of my favorite places to enjoy the fall colors in central Ohio is Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve in Fairfield County. My friend, Connie, and I went hiking there Tuesday. The best view is at the cliff on the Jacob's Ladder Trail. Here's what it was like. Besides checking out the view from the cliff, we hiked the length of both trails there. Here are a few additional photos. The ferns above stay green all winter. Ohio's settlers used these Read more ➜
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Autumn Visit to Scioto Trail State Park

Sunday was a cool and sunny autumn day. Bob and I decided it would be a great day to check out the fall color at Scioto Trail State Park. There are two sites at Scioto Lake where you can get a view of the surrounding forests from up high. One is the park's fire tower and the other is a place known as the Vista. In both cases there is parking right at the site, so you don't have to do any hiking to take advantage of the view. But of course if you decide to go to the fire tower there is a long climb Read more ➜