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Blackhand Gorge: Hiking Trails

There are three different trail groupings at Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve, but for the longest time we only knew of the main parking lot and the trail head that leads off from there. So at the end of this post there's a map and directions showing the location of them all. The icon used to locate the feature on the map is described in parentheses after each heading. Blackhand Trail, Quarry Rim Trail & Chestnut Trail(Cabin Icon) There is an old log cabin at the main parking lot across Read more ➜
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Blackhand Gorge: A Step Back in Time

By visiting Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve, you can trace Ohio's long history of transportation. Native Americans navigated the Licking River for centuries before the arrival of European settlers. There is a cliff made of Blackhand sandstone rising on the north side of the Licking River. In prehistoric times, Native Americans inscribed a petroglyph on this cliff; it looked like a very large, black hand. Not only is the gorge named after this petroglyph, but the class of erosion-resistant sandstone Read more ➜