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Pseudo-vintage photos of Clear Creek Metro Park

Quite a few of the parks where I hike have structures or other vestiges of days gone by. During our hike to Clear Creek Metro Park, there was a log cabin and a barn made of hand-hewn timber. For a while I had been thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun to take my photos of these structures, and give them a vintage look?” So here is my first effort at doing just that.

Cabin in Clear Creek Metro Park

Exterior of the Williams Barn in Clear Creek Metro Park
Interior of Williams Barn
An interior shot of the Williams Barn
Trough in Williams Barn

I followed the instructions I found in this YouTube video to do the above photo-editing. The instructor in the video explains how to use free software (GIMP) to turn a contemporary portrait into a vintage portrait. So I tried to adapt her instructions to do some vintage landscapes. I’m not entirely sure of what I’m doing yet, but maybe with a little more practice I’ll get it down.

And since I’m in my fifties, I’m pretty vintage, too. So I was looking at a photo that Bob took of me in my Tilley Hat, and I decided to vintage-ize myself.

Hiking in my Tilley hat

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11 thoughts on “Pseudo-vintage photos of Clear Creek Metro Park

  1. Nice. I’ve also done this with a photo. The days of film are numbered but a Holga plastic camera and some 120 Ilford black/white 400 speed film gives a great old look. I have some taken at a Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village in Dearborn MI. Occurs Memorial weekend most years if you’re up for trip north..

    1. A civil war re-enactment would be a great place to do some vintage photos. Is a “Civil War Remembrance” the same kind of event? Very cool that you are using film to get the old look.

        1. Thank you! I’m thinking this might be fun to do a rose or poppy photo. In fact, if the flower was a bit past its prime, it might work out even better.

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