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TrekOhio Highlights of 2016

It's the end of an interesting year of exploring Ohio's parks and preserves. So it's time once agains for the 2016 edition of TrekOhio Highlights. When the two of us have different selections for a category, we will list both choices. Favorite Photo Deb: My favorite photo was from Mohican State Park in Winter. Like a lot of other people, I sometimes find it difficult to leave the cozy warmth of home in the winter time, but once I get outside, sites like this make it all worthwhile. Bob: Read more ➜
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TrekOhio Highlights of 2015

It's time once again for our annual highlights article, so without further ado, the highlights of TrekOhio 2015: Favorite Photo Deb: I took the photo below while hiking in the Hocking Hills at Winter’s End. Bob: My favorite photo for the year was a picture of Deb in front of Horseshoe Falls at Caesar Creek State Park. Best Hike of the Year Deb: My favorite hike was Canby's Mountain Lover Trail and Keyhole Arch at Fort Hill. Passing through the keyhole was a great way Read more ➜
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TrekOhio Highlights for 2014

In reviewing 2014, we've come up with our annual TrekOhio highlights! Best Hike of the Year We've excluded the Hocking Hills Winter Hike, which otherwise would probably win best hike every year. Beyond this annual hike, below are our favorites for this year. Deb: My favorite hike for the year was the one that we took at the Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve. Living miles from the ocean, it is easy to forget that Ohio has beach dunes, but thanks to Lake Erie, we do. The hike is very Read more ➜
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TrekOhio Highlights for 2013

It's the end of another year and time to reflect on Ohio parks and preserves we've visited and some of the interesting sights we've seen. Best Hike of the Year We're going to give the annual Hocking Hills Winter Hike a lifetime achievement award. It's a great hike and has been great fun for us every year we've participated. Beyond this annual hike, below are our favorites for this year. Deb: I really enjoyed hiking within the maze-like crevasses at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park Bob: Read more ➜
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TrekOhio Highlights for 2012

Although we just launched our blog in March, it is customary to reflect back on the previous year as the new year approaches. So Deb and I decided to share some of the highlights from the past year as we explored Ohio's parks and nature preserves. Best Hike of the Year Deb: Christmas Rocks Nature Preserve — I loved the view from the cliff on the Jacob's Ladder trail. Bob: Hocking Hills Winter Hike - the Hocking Hills region is great in any season, but it's spectacular in the winter. Read more ➜