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October wildflowers

Now that it’s November, the wildflower season has come to a close. But let’s take a last look at those hardy wildflowers that saw the season out.

New England Aster

Bee on White Heath Aster
Red Clover
Macro of New England Aster
Some type of Aster… I’m thinking maybe a Flat-topped White Aster (Doellingeria umbellata)
Spotted Knapweed (Centaures maculosa)
Cucumber beetle on Goldenrod
Bottle Gentian
And now for one that I didn’t see…

A rare and beautiful October wildflower is the Fringed Gentian. In Last call for fen flora, Jim McCormac tells of his trip to Betsch Fen to see these beautiful flowers. Apparently his quest involved wading through a creek and traveling through a woods that was without a trail. Having never seen one myself, I will close out with a photo of the flower that aecole2010 published under a Creative Commons license at Flickr.

Photo courtesy of aecole2010 , license: CC BY 2.0

Fringed Gentian

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11 thoughts on “October wildflowers

    1. Ted, thank you for your response. Here is what the foliage looks like.

      Unidentified wildflowers

      Due to your tip I have been searching Flickr for photos of smartweed. Maybe I have been seeing Polygonum caespitosum? Or Polygonum pensylvanicum?

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