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Great Weather for Polar Bears

This past Saturday was cold and the ground had a thick cover of snow. Perfect weather to go see polar bears in central Ohio.

Three Polar Bears

We were at the Columbus Zoo which features a polar bear exhibit. It has a large open area for the bears and a fish stocked pool (chilled in the summer) with an underwater observation room for visitors. The two female bears were snoozing and the male was calmly surveying the terrain.

Watchful male polar bear

Many of the zoo’s animals are indoors for the season, but several of the North American animals were out enjoying winter. One of the river otters was diving into an open area in the ice and emerging on the opposite side of an artificial stream. Pumps help insure some open water even in cold weather.

River otter emerges from the water onto the ice

The two wolverines were wrestling with each other and frolicking in the snow.


The timber wolf was out and about and the caribou were grazing in their respective enclosures.

Timber wolf

Finally, to warm up, we visited the manatees in their heated building. The zoo recently received a new youngster who was happily swimming in the lagoon.

Manatee youngster near empty feeding troughs. When in use, the feeding troughs hold heads of romaine lettuce.

Columbus Zoo polar bear at play – in warmer weather

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