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Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve: Robinson Falls

We recently visited Robinson Falls (aka “Corkscrew Falls”) at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve. The waterfall is located off-trail at the preserve, so we obtained a free permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to visit the falls. Along with the permit, they sent us a map showing the falls, where to park, directions, and preserve rules.

Robinson Falls

The ODNR-provided map directed us to a small pull-off from the road that holds a couple of cars. We located the trail-head across the road from the parking area and proceeded down a narrow trail to a small gorge valley. The trail continued to the right to an overlook above the gorge (total hiking distance 0.2 miles). At the head of the gorge valley, we could see the waterfall.

We estimate that the falls is ten to fifteen feet high. It is located some distance from the overlook with a steep drop in between. A tripod and a camera with a good telephoto permitted a tight shot of the waterfall.

Trail-head for Robinson Falls after crossing road.
Closer look at trailhead
Looking back at parking area
Path to falls – note an ODNR off-trail permit is required
Looking down into gorge valley from trail
Looking downstream (to the left) into the small gorge. Falls is upstream (to right)
The overlook; that’s the falls above the leaning log.
View of falls from overlook
Robinson Falls (telephoto shot from overlook)

Just for fun, Deb did a little post-processing, adding a kayaker from another photo and making the falls look huge.

Additional information


Obtain the address from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources while requesting your permit.

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2 thoughts on “Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve: Robinson Falls

  1. Great post! I’ve actually been looking for this information everywhere so I’m so glad I found this. I have a question though: how close are you able to get to the falls? I see you used a telephoto lens in the one photo, was that just for convenience or is that because you were not able to get close enough to take the photo you wanted? I am just curious so I can start planning ahead! Would love to see this and am actually getting ready to apply for a permit. Thank you!

    1. ODNR doesn’t want people wandering through the creek, so the overlook (pictured above) is as close as you can get. Our cameras have 50X optical zoom and I brought a small tripod to get the close-up shot. We took lots of photos and used exposure bracketing. If you haven’t been to nearby Rock Stalls – there’s a nice waterfall there too (although its a longer hike).

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