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Boch Hollow in May

We visited Boch Hollow Nature Preserve again last week. The weather was just about perfect. Here’s a few pictures from our hike.

Field of Butterweed across from the entrance to Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve

Trail at Boch Hollow

This opossum was slowly wondering up a dry stream bed when he decided to stop and pose for a picture.

Opossum at Boch Hollow
Common Whitetail Dragonfly, male
Multiflora Rose
Fire Pink
Eastern Phoebe
Pearl Crescent Butterfly
Sensitive Fern
Violet Wood Sorrel
Black raspberry Blossoms

Additional information
  • TrekOhio: Hocking County Parks & Preserves — This is the county where Boch Hollow is located; check out this page for links to the official site and for information on nearby parks and preserves.
  • TrekOhio: Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve — This is our initial review of Boch Hollow; check it out for general information, including location.

More on Hocking County

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9 thoughts on “Boch Hollow in May

  1. Great photos! I just saw a photo that someone posted on Instagram of a waterfall. Any idea where that is and how to get there? I will be visiting Boch Hollow next weekend and I want to see all the good spots!

    1. The falls is called ‘Robinson Falls’ and is located off-trail in Boch Hollow. You’ll need an off-trail permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in order to visit the falls. They will provide a map and directions along with the permit.

  2. The photos of the field of butterweed is just gorgeous! That golden yellow is such a bright, cheerful colour. I love the detail you captured in the flower pictures too. Sounds like you had ideal weather for the hike 🙂 x

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