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Lowe-Volk Park

Lowe-Volk Park is a 38-acre county park located in Crawford County. The Sandusky River flows through the northern edge of the park. The park features a nature center, two miles of hiking trails, and a fishing pond.

Stairs leading from deck down to the flood plain of the Sandusky River

The nature center contains many exhibits, classrooms, restrooms, and a nature viewing area for bird watchers. The staff also put on special events and educational programs.

Interior of the Nature Center
Viewing bird feeders through the nature center windows. Bird sightings were recorded on a nearby white board.

In front of the nature center was a small garden planted with wildflowers.

Prairie Dock growing in flower garden in front of nature center
Cardinal flower, also planted in the Nature Center’s garden

We visited the park on “Camo Day” – an event where the park displayed exhibits having man-made or natural camouflage. The Ohio Air National Guard displayed a couple of camouflaged trucks and the park showed off the camouflage capabilities of various animals. One event for children was a scavenger hunt along the trail that demonstrated animal camouflage.

Truck exhibits that were part of “Camo Day”. This is an example of man-made camouflage.

The hiking trails are well developed and include bridges, boardwalk, overlooks and numerous benches along the way. The photos below were taken during our hike there.

Boardwalk through woods
Boardwalk leading to deck
Deck overlooking Sundusky River, viewed from dirt trail
Deb on one of the trails

From the deck steps descend to the river’s flood plain (shown in the top-most photo of this article). The riverbed is very rocky, and at places the flood plain is edged by cliffs

Rocky riverbed of the Sandusky River
Rocky riverbed with cliff edging floodplain
Cliff edging flood plain
Lichens and moss growing on one of the rocks near the river
Fringed loosestrife (Lysimachia ciliata) growing in the flood plain
Bridge over one of the river’s feeder creeks
Additional information

  • Address: 2401 SR 598 Crestline, Ohio, 44827
  • GPS Coordinates: 40.792535,-82.7899217
  • Google Maps: View on map or get directions

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