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Mid-autumn in Conkle’s Hollow

Last weekend’s sunny, warm weather encouraged us to go for a hike around the Rim Trail at Conkle’s Hollow. I just wanted to share a few photos, so you could see how beautiful this area is.

It’s hard to see how tall the cliff is because of the tall trees growing in the forest at its base.

Some young adults relaxing on a cliff.
These tiny, scrawny pines are typically found around the edge of our sandstone cliffs. Since there’s almost no soil, it’s amazing that they can grow here at all.
Beech trees are about the only deciduous trees still hanging onto their leaves (seen in the reddish-orange areas)
I loved these backlit pines. As leaves drop off other trees, I’m so grateful that there are evergreens.
View from rim trail of the cliff’s edge.
The hillside across the hollow. The trail we are on will lead us across this hillside, too.
The valley becomes narrow where this cliff is.
Looking down.
Panoramic exploration

This is such a beautiful trail. I took several panoramic photos, but there’s always the question as to how to present such long, skinny photos at a blog. So I’m trying something new. I made a one-minute video were I am basically just panning the “movie camera” across the still photograph (the “Ken Burns effect“). I’d be interested in what people think of presenting panoramic photos in this way, so if you have any opinion, please leave a comment. 🙂

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If you are interested in going there, we wrote up a park review with map and directions earlier. It’s available at Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve. At the base of the hollow there’s another trail called the “Gorge Trail” which we wrote about here: Gorge Trail Conkle’s Hollow. It’s a beautiful trail that’s even wheelchair accessible. Dogs are not allowed on either trail, and the upper Rim Trail is not suitable for small children.

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