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Conkle’s Hollow in Winter

We returned to Conkle’s Hollow in early January.  Snow blanketed the hollow while icicles edged the cliff rim.  When the slightest breeze stirred the fir boughs, snow wafted down catching the light as it fell.

Snowy bridge

We stuck to the lower “Gorge Trail” which was covered with snow and ice; it might have been slippery, but we were wearing YakTrax over our shoes, so we didn’t slip at all (if you are unfamiliar with this winter gear, we discuss it here). A trickle of water was flowing at the waterfall at the end of the hollow.  Afterwards we stopped for a trail lunch at the picnic area and then drove over to Rising Park in Lancaster to snap a few more winter photos.

Paved path through the woods
Icy drizzle
Paved trail passing slump block
Paved trail between cliffs and creek
Ice forming on the creek’s surface
Icicles above
Icicles edging the rim
End of the gorge
Drizzly fall at the end of the gorge
Standing at the end of the gorge, looking back.

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9 thoughts on “Conkle’s Hollow in Winter

  1. How lovely post. It was interesting to see winter paths. I especially enjoyed the photo “Ice forming on the creek’s surface”. It is fantastic nature finding, Also Ice Angel and icicles.

  2. Very nice photos especially like the diagonal lines in Icicles Above, Icy Drizzle where it looks like the second icicle is suspended and the creek surface.If I haven’t said it already, i wish you a happy new year.

    1. Thanks. The icicles are one of the things I really like about winter hiking. Hoping we’ll get enough freeze / thaw cycles to have a nice crop of icicles at the annual Hocking Hills Winter Hike in two weeks.

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