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Fallsville Wildlife Area – Waterfall

This past weekend we visited the Fallsville Wildlife Area in Highland County. The wildlife area contains a stream valley with a large waterfall. After recent rains it was running quite well. The wildlife area and the falls are named after the town of Fallsville, OH. The town is long gone, but the name lives on. We parked off of Careytown Rd. about a 1/4 mile south of the local ODNR Wildlife Area Headquarters. A small dirt road is shown on maps as Township Road 432. The road widens Read more ➜
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Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area

In February 2014 we visited Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area, north of Dayton. It is a 92-acre park, owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources but managed by the Miami County Part District. The falls consist of a scenic, 20-foot cascade in Greenville Creek. The park also features ruins of historical interest, nearly a mile of trail, access to fishing spots, a limestone natural arch, picnic areas, kiosks, interpretive signs, and a port-a-potty. Richard M. Albery, Sr. Read more ➜
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Miller Nature Sanctuary

Miller Nature Sanctuary is a well-hidden, state nature preserve in Highland County. It has three miles of trail that go past interesting geological features. It's named after Eugene and Henrietta Miller, the couple that donated the land. The preserve is located on Rocky Fork Gorge just upstream from Highlands Nature Sanctuary. The preserve's trails take you from the top of dolomite cliffs to the edge of the Rocky Fork Creek and back. In addition to cliffs and large slump blocks, the preserve includes Read more ➜
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Miamisburg Mound

No one knows the their name. They left no written record. Today we call them the Adena Culture and we know they had a thriving civilization in Ohio between 1000 BC and 200 BC. They built hundreds of earthen mounds, probably as part of a funeral ritual. The largest of these mounds is a 65 foot tall mound situated on a hill overlooking the Miami River in Miamisburg, OH. The mound was partially excavated and a bark covered skeleton was discovered. The Miamisburg mound has never been Read more ➜
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Spring Valley Wildlife Area

The same day we visited Clifton Gorge, we drove 40 minutes south to Spring Valley Wildlife Area. It was a gorgeous sunny, but cool day. A perfect day for a walk around the lake and marsh at Spring Valley. Spring Valley is an 842 acre state wildlife area on the border of Greene and Warren counties. It features an archery range, as well as shotgun, rifle and pistol ranges. It also includes a 150 acre lake and marsh with a 2.5 mile trail around it, and an extensive boardwalk leading Read more ➜
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Estel Wenrick Wetlands

Estel Wenrick Wetlands is a 255-acre preserve that's part of the Clark County Park District in southwest Ohio. Bob and I visited the preserve in late June of last year. As the park district makes clear, recreational use takes a back seat to preserving this high-quality wetland. Although there is a trail and even a boardwalk for the benefit of hikers and birdwatchers, portions of the trail are overgrown, and we encountered a couple downed trees stretching across the trail. But as you can see from Read more ➜
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Kiser Lake Wetlands State Nature Preserve

Kiser Lake Wetlands is a 51 acre state nature preserve in Champaign County. It is located in a corner of Kiser Lake State Park. We visited this preserve in mid-May. The preserve has a 0.6 mile boardwalk / trail system that interconnects with the 0.7 mile Red Oak trail in the park making a 1.3 mile loop. The trailhead is near the southeast end of the lake on Kiser Lake Rd (CR-19), not far from the main campground. A kiosk marks the trailhead. Nearby is a sign for the park's Red Read more ➜
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Kiser Lake State Park

We visited Kiser Lake State Park in Champaign County at the end of May. The park features a 396 acre lake man-made lake. Originally a moraine valley created during the ice age, the lake was formed when a dam was built on Mosquito Creek at one end of the valley. The lake is 2.5 miles long with 5.3 miles of shoreline and five piers. Additionally, boats (motors prohibited) are available for rent at the park. Many people were fishing the weekend that we were there. Read more ➜
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Charleston Falls Preserve

Charleston Falls Preserve is 216 acre park in Miami County that's perfect for outdoor trips for the whole family. We visited on a cool, but sunny weekend in early May. Many people were taking advantage of the fine weather to admire the scenery or get some exercise while walking their dog. The park features 3.74 miles of well-laid out trails, with bridges, wide wooden stairs, observation decks, boardwalks, and strategically placed benches in some of the most scenic locales. The Read more ➜
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Fort Hill

Two thousand years ago, the Hopewell people built a massive earthwork enclosing a 40-acre hilltop in southwest Ohio. This earthwork which resembles a fort was later dubbed Fort Hill. Today Fort Hill is a 1,200 acre preserve owned by the Ohio Historical Society and operated by the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System. The preserve features 11 miles of hiking trails, a small museum, a parking area, picnic shelters, and rest rooms. Fort Trail We visited the preserve last September Read more ➜